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Talk by Ruchi Sanghvi and Josh Elman. Here are my rough notes on the presentation:

  • The never-ending profile was the motivation behind the redesign.
  • Emphasizing feeds: increases engagement and encourage content creation
  • Simpler, cleaner profiles: easier profile navigation, clearer identity, more control
  • More control over profile: users decide about tabs, when to publish, and look of stories
  • "It all starts with the Wall": feed, publisher, profile boxes
  • Stories: one-line, short, or full (up to 500x700). Done with feed forms, using FBML or Javascript.
  • Publisher: different versions for user and friends,
  • Info tab: deep integration with structured information, should represent information about what the user's done. Info stuff is enabled through canvas page button using FBML or Javascript.
  • Tabs: provides the richest expression, hybrid of a profile box and canvas page (solely FBML, no advertising), no caching, 760 pixels wide, no autoplay, fb:visible-to-owner
  • Profile boxes: profile_main -> narrow, on Wall, wide and narrow appear on Boxes tab, Bookmarks will be migrated, must manually add a bookmark otherwise.
  • New permissions/lack of adding: reduces friction. First access provides user ID, friends, pic and names, publish feed stories, send requests. Add require_login to links to trigger permissions solicitation.


  • How do users first get into the app if they're not adding?: About page much more static.
  • Should apps offer all integration points and let users decide or pick some?: Both, but mostly the latter.
  • Is user info going to be available to all? Still limited to privacy settings.
  • What can the Publisher do?: Rehashed already shown options
  • Smiley app? Uses shared preferences, which has been available for 9 months
  • Can you detect whether a user is in new profile? Yes, part of API.
  • Widened Wall, is it final? Yes.
  • (from me) Extended permissions, is the Wiki list definitive? Yes.
  • Engagement metrics, what are they? Bunch of them. User can reorder boxes.
  • What are these info sections? Not a mini-feed, opposite of one. More for static information. Button on canvas page shows example, the user allows it, adds it to profile, and edits inline.
  • What new stats will be available, users who have added tabs? Yes.
  • Logged in user for tabs is viewer or user? Viewer. Tabs focus should be on the user.