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Today's our EAI at work: we're going to have lunch at Food Truck Friday and then go cruising through the desert with Green Zebra Adventures. I even get to drive the Go Daddy Van for the first time.

It rained last night and this morning so I bet that's going to make the offroading even more exciting!

[UPDATE (12/17/2012): I had a really great time. Driving the Go Daddy Van—a Dodge Sprinter, I believe—was a lot more nerve-wracking than I expected. I felt a lot of responsibility to not injure my co-workers and the steering was a lot more squishy than on my MINI Cooper. Food Truck Friday was a big hit even though there were fewer trucks than I thought. Green Zebra Adventures was terrific! We drove two to a Tomcar and my passenger gave me explicit instructions to go nuts. I don't think I disappointed: I drove that sucker hard and even scared myself a couple of times.]

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