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After leaving Blogger years and years ago, I tried many different blogging engines (even developing my own, so to speak). None of them were as safe as my old way of just FTPing HTML files up to my host. Movable Type was the closest since it generated HTML files—it was like a hosted version of Blogger.

The downside was (and still is) that it runs on Perl. I'm not a PHP developer by any stretch, but I can fend for myself in WordPress when I have a task in mind. Perl, though, is just inscrutable to me; I don't have time to learn it and what little I have read doesn't make sense.

So why stick with it, especially in light of the recent malware attack? I briefly toyed with Textpattern last night but the thought of redoing my blog, site, and essays in yet another CMS left me stone cold. I've been down this road before and I just don't have time for it any more.

I've got so many other better things than to endlessly tweak my Web site. Perhaps I've matured in that regard. Or maybe part of maturity and wisdom is a jaded fatigue with youth's flitting.