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I am very excited by Gary Johnson—he's the best candidate I've come across since Steve Forbes. Moreover, he has all the pedigree you'd want in a presidential candidate: two-term popular governor, successful businessman, outdoorsman, and no hint of scandal.

Everything I've heard from suggests that he's the best of Ron Paul without all the crazy. He wants a self-interested foreign policy; supports abortion rights; wants to abolish HUD, the TSA, and the Department of Education; and thinks the government has no business in traditional social conservative issues.

Unfortunately, he's been routinely ignored by the media. That doesn't bode well: it seems like the media wants the Tea Party portrayed as being represented by the likes of Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Sarah Palin. The thinking seems to be that independents will recoil (rightly so) at those candidates and end up selecting Mitt Romney during the primary.

That would be a travesty, as Johnson is the best choice for Tea Party types. He doesn't want to enforce any religion or morality, and he seems to understand the role of individual rights in government. Also, he has an actual plan for balancing the budget and a track record in New Mexico for cutting spending.