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I haven't written about work in a very long time. It is really a shame, too, because I have done so much in the 18 months or so since my last blog entry about my job. I hit the five-year mark in May, so I'm now officially an old timer.

Let's see. I worked on My SmartSpace, a widget dashboard application, and the iPhone version of that (both native and Webified). I developed, a video sharing site tailored to fill in the gaps that YouTube leaves. I've also joined an internal initiative called the Product Sponsorship Team, which helps guide the direction of a select group of products—in my case I'm on the Calendar team.

Yes, that's about it. It doesn't sound like too much when you boil it down to a paragraph but it has kept me plenty busy. Busy enough to neglect a lot of my online presence, aside from Twitter.

My current role is a developer affiliated with our Social Media Team. They are a great bunch of people and I am truly enjoying my work. In many respects, I feel like it is a continuation of my work on the Gadgets Team: I am managing a dozen or more projects in various states of development and I have a considerable amount of input into what I work on.

Basically, I do whatever needs doing for our social networking efforts. I advise various teams within Go Daddy about how to get the most out of Facebook and Twitter's APIs. It's interesting and wildly varied.

And sometimes I get called on to do something completely off the wall:

I think it would have worked better without the eye makeup, but that wasn't my call to make. It turned out amazing and I can't believe how well Go Daddy Productions did with what the footage they shot.

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