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I just took a survey from QuikTrip about environmental perceptions. Here are the questions:

  1. Do you sort and recycle your trash?
  2. How concerned would you say you are about the environment?
  3. Do you perceive the plastic fountain drink cups sold by QuikTrip to be more environmentally friendly than styrofoam cups?
  4. Please select the following statement which best describes your fountain drink purchasing actions
  5. How do you perceive QuikTrip as it pertains to the environment?

When it asked for further comments, I left this:

Frankly, pandering to the environmental movement annoys me to no end. There is no way you're going to be "green enough" for the crazies given that you sell liquefied carbon, transport goods from places distant, and contribute to an economy that prizes convenience over privation. Embrace your right to exist instead of apologizing for not being the eco-equivalent of a roadside stand. You are an amazing, modern enterprise that is only possible in the United States. Good for you!