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With all of the linking I've been doing lately, I have noticed that it's really hard to go directly to a particular quote or part of a much-longer essay. My pointers, therefore, often require the reader to wade through a lot of detail to get to the underlying message. "If only people would dutifully place 'id' attributes throughout their paragraphs, I would be able to send my reader directly to the right place," I would think to myself.

But I don't do anything like that. How can I expect everyone else to do it if I won't lead by example? Good point, rhetorical question! With the last couple posts, I have added "id" attributes to each and every paragraph. So if you wanted to send someone to my post on why I voted for John McCain and specifically the part where I discuss the Republicans under an Obama presidency, you can view the HTML source and see that this link ( will take you there.

After writing that last sentence, i realize that I need to make this a little more discoverable. The first task is to put in that metadata—interested parties will find it—but then I need to make it useful to anyone.