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Let's compare how I voted to how the rest of my Arizonans voted. Outside of my district and county, I pretty much am out of step. I'm glad they voted down the "homeowner's bill of rights" and took a tax on home sales off the table permanently, but they also stopped same-sex marriage with a constitutional amendment, snuffed payday loans out of existence, and enabled a Masschusetts-style denial of private insurance.

My wife thinks that the proposition voting mirrored the spending trends on commercials. I cannot believe that, but it's a compelling argument. Some of the proposition wording was very precise and commercials about those measures were very deceptive—did people not look into the matter further?

It's done finally, so now's the time to move on and start accepting the outcome. I have got a couple of months to lay low, relax, and study before I join the Kulturkampf. An Obama presidency is a grand opportunity to publicize Ayn Rand and Objectivism since he represents such a stark contrast to us.

Issue Me Them
President McCain McCain
U.S. Representative, District 3 Shadegg Shadegg
State Senator, District 6 Gorman Gorman
State Representative, District 6 Crump Crump, Seel
Corporation Commissioner Wong, McClure, Stump Kennedy, Newman, George
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 3 Kunasek Kunsaek
Maricopa County Assessor Russell Russell
Maricopa County Attorney Thomas Thomas
Maricopa County Recorder Purcell Purcell
Maricopa County School Superintendent Covey Covey
Maricopa County Sheriff Saban Arpaio
Maricopa County Treasurer Hoskins Hoskins
Justice of the Peace, Desert Ridge Henderson (write-in) Jayne
Constable, Desert Ridge Hazlett Hazlett
Maricopa County Special Health Care District, District 3 Gerard Gerard
Maricopa County Community College, District 3 Petty Pearson
PVUSD School Board Kenyon, Case, Greenberg Case, Greenberg, Skidmore
PVUSD Question 1 No No
PVUSD Question 2 No Yes
Proposition 100 Yes Yes
Proposition 101 Yes No
Proposition 102 No Yes
Proposition 105 Yes No
Proposition 200 Yes No
Proposition 201 No No
Proposition 202 Yes No
Proposition 300 No No