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My team just got moved to another group within Go Daddy on Monday. We had put a lot of information up on the old group's SharePoint Wiki and needed to put it somewhere. The new group didn't have a unified Wiki, leaving it up to each team. I hadn't really looked at the Wiki world in a while and I imagined that I'd need to go with something like MediaWiki.

Then I remembered that Jeff Atwood had written favorably about a .NET Wiki called ScrewTurn. A cursory investigation indicated that it was pretty damn awesome!

In no time, I had a solid Wiki system up and running. It's very easy to install and configure and it appears to hold to MediaWiki markup syntax, which is a big plus. I replaced its authentication system with Active Directory integration through an easily-installed plugin—enabling any employee to log in and edit pages.

The hardest part was migrating the content from SharePoint. It was brutal, tedious work but you only have to do it once. If you're an employee and reading this on our network, you're welcome to check out my handiwork. (If you need any help setting up your own ScrewTurn Wiki, let me know.)

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