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Google's made their 2001 index available for a month to see what the Web was like back when Google was first starting out. It was like a trip down memory lane: there I am at #7 in a search for my name.

Oh yes, I was on the Web since maybe 1996 back before there were blogs. We used to call them home pages, kiddos, and I called mine The Bill Brown Information Center. It used hover effects on the links and everything. It also reveals that I have loved yellow and blue for at least a decade now.

It's worth a look see: I used to have all of my essays available, exhaustive lists of my values, and a funny bio that is just so me. It's also interesting to note that back then Google and Northern Light were tied as my favorite search engines.

Man, I was so cool!

[UPDATE: Ooo, there's also this Bill Brown-designed club Web site that brings back a wave of nostalgia. I loved that font!]