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Here are my notes on the Zuckerberg keynote.

  • Start: boring.
  • Important to have a purpose behind the mission of the movement. *snore*
  • He calls it a "vacation" but he's describing a "vision quest."
  • An hour and a half of this. Uh oh.
  • "Mission: Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected"
  • 90 million people are on Facebook as of July 23rd
  • 32% US, 68% international
  • Opening up the translation tools to application developers!!
  • 400,000 developers
  • Billion dollar ecosystem surrounding Facebook, if VC equaled real money
  • "Virtuous cycle of sharing" around feeds
  • iLike primarily spread and shared through feeds
  • Lessons learned from the last year: a) listen to developers more; b) build the right tools; c) need to reward good citizens and punish the bad behavers; d) simplicity and scale are important for sharing
  • Goals of next evolution: a) give people more powerful tools to share; b) Reward applications that help people share; c) Make things simpler
  • Feed sharing is contingent on enabling sharing
  • The new sharing paradigm will enable apps to allow friends to post stories to friends feeds
  • Showed the Bill O'Reilly Flips Out video
  • Demoed the new profile—without a hitch.
  • He thinks decentralization is the future. It sounds like using the Facebook API as a glue, which sounds like even less monetizable to my ears.
  • Facebook Connect is the product behind that vision
  • Goals of Connect: a) build the same kinds of apps across the Web; b) share information across the Web; c) Control your information across the Web
  • Facebook Connect demo time: Digg's up first
  • Digg's going to use Facebook as OpenId, essentially—an authentication source
  • Six Apart's up: MT plugin to integrate FB with comments, also auth source, publish it onto your feed using Publisher.
  • Citysearch demo: see friends' reviews, publish reviews to profile
  • Profile launched Monday, switchover over a period of time
  • Facebook Connect API keys available today, beta soon