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Here's the latest installment of my quick reviews, slightly larger than normal because I had forgotten to do this sooner. For a change, let's limit the review to a maximum of 140 characters—à la Twitter:

  • Duck, You Sucker (Netflix): Proof that even Sergio Leone made stinkers. I wouldn't have thought so had I not seen this. Absolute waste of James Coburn.
  • The Lives of Others (Netflix): Absolutely great movie about the corrupting influence of the Stasi, for both the people and the Stasi themselves. Five stars, two thumbs up.
  • Tom Green: Inside & Outside the Box (Netflix): Do not consume too much in one sitting. It will seriously distort your perspective. If you don't already like Tom Green, sit this one out.
  • Sullivan's Travels (Netflix): Hokey 40s movie about whiny director who wants to get in touch with the common man. Best part: reminded me how far we've come in movies.
  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Netflix): Rambling, dawdling, meandering, and self-important epic that concentrates too much on Jesse James as folk hero and Robert Ford as idolator.
  • The Siege (Netflix): FBI can't stop terrorism. Army seals off Manhattan and imposes martial law. This is how Hollywood views us: chomping to intern them Muslims.
  • The Onion Movie (Netflix): The Onion cashes out. Watch the podcast, it's better. This generation's Kentucky Fried Movie? Perhaps. Best part:
  • The Bucket List (Netflix): Damn it, you made me enjoy Jack Nicholson. Maudlin but mesmerizing. Sappy but sentimental. Ending is dreadfully, utterly predictable.
  • Death at a Funeral (Netflix): At funeral, kids find out dad was having an affair with a midget, who wants money to keep quiet but gets killed. You-know-what ensues.
  • My Beautiful Laundrette (Netflix): Ambitious guy steals drug money to renovate laundromat. Hires school chum turned tough. Screws same in back room. Why did I rent this?
  • Mad About You: Season 1 (Netflix): This is the reason why Helen Hunt was on my list for so long (and why I own Twister). Mercifully M.A.B.E.L.-free.
  • Duck Soup (Netflix): "Marx Brothers at their sidesplitting best." I'd hate to see their worst. Making fun of Hitler shouldn't be this bad. Couldn't finish.
  • Pacific Heights (Netflix): Michael Keaton rocks as a creepy renter who just won't leave. Good subplot involves oppressive San Francisco government and cost of housing.
  • Battle Royale (Netflix): Japanese bad kids dropped on island with weapons and only one can survive. I wouldn't be surprised if it were a true story, which it isn't.
  • The Americanization of Emily (Netflix): James Garner and Julie Andrews. That was enough for me, but the wacky plot kept it interesting and the anti-war rant wasn't overblown.

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