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Benjamin Ling, Facebook's Director of Platform Program Management, gave a talk about the state of the platform. Here are my raw notes while listening:

  • Ecosystem isn't just devs and users. It's also ad networks, app dev companies, and academics
  • Guiding principles: meaningful, trustworthy, well-designed
  • Meaningful apps are: social (apps make the best use of the social graph. Example Lil' Green Patch), useful (solve real user problems. Example Carpool), expressive (helps users share about themselves. Example Graffiti), engaging (sustain user interest. Example Who Has the Biggest Brain?)
  • Trustworthy apps are: secure (protect user data and honor privacy), respectful (value user attention and time), transparent (clearly explain features)
  • Well-designed apps are: clean (intuitive and easy to use. Example Local Picks from tripadvisor), fast (allow users to engage more), robust (stable and reliable)
  • Waiting for the hammer to drop about the consequences of these principles…
  • So what they're going to do: 1) partner more closely with developers (garages, forum, hiring community manager—no mention of Wiki, damn); 2) keep ecosystem safe for users, fair for developers; help you create more, better apps.
  • Announcements: a) new and improved developer site; b) fbFund recipients; c) new fbFund ($2 million over next two months -> 25 semi-finalists get $25K -> users select 5 finalists, who get $250K); d) recognize apps that embody our principles (Facebook Verification—applications accepted starting September 1st, Facebook Great Apps program—more integrated experience, more content, early access—iLike and Causes); e) kill apps that violate policies; f) Facebook Connect for iPhone; g) supporting and contributing to the Open Web Fondation
  • Beta of Facebook Connect in summer, open to all users in fall