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Today is the third anniversary of working at Go Daddy. In my time there, I've seen it grow from 600 employees to over 1,900. A similar level of growth has also occurred in revenue, domain registrations, and many other measurements. What's really neat is that it still feels like a smaller company to me, even though it's become an Internet powerhouse.

I haven't talked about work lately beyond the actual work itself. Work has been, in a word, splendid! As I mentioned not too long ago, I transferred from the Quick Blogcast team to start a new team that I think is officially called the Gadgets Team. For a while, it was just me and I whipped up an iGoogle gadget that was well-received. My team doubled in size in January with the addition of my colleague Dominic and we've been cranking out code as a team. He's been great to work with: I can assign him some work and know that it's in good hands.

I have never been happier as a developer than I am right now. I've been working on an entry about why I like my job so much but I haven't been able to be sufficiently specific to make it comprehensible. I've got eight projects on my plate that I'm either coding or managing and I can't talk about any of them. I will when I can. Suffice it to say, they're exciting and challenging and engrossing. And they're so varied that I could continue at this rate for years and years without ever getting bored or restless.

Aside from the work, my pay is excellent and the benefits are outstanding. Next week, we're having an offsite technical conference that brings together all the company's IT staff from Denver, Iowa, Gilbert, Tempe, and Scottsdale. I'm presenting on unit testing and test-driven development and we're bringing Merlin Mann in to give his Inbox Zero talk. This is the first of its kind and I've heard that it won't be the last, which is a very promising development.

It's funny how I feel like an old-timer having only been there for three years; I can't imagine what things will look like after another three!

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