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"Obama's Growing Gaffe": this isn't a gaffe, but his turning an offhand remark about meeting with evil into a platform plank is going to come back to bite him. Common people get that dictators should not be met with as if they were just another world leader—or more conventionally, "you don't negotiate with terrorists." This is at the level of the Jeremiah Wright debacle though maybe without the appalling sound bites.

"Keepin' It Unreal" and "Obama: Stealth Socialist?": money quote from Steyn's op-ed—"In print, Barack Obama comes as close as any major party nominee ever has to sounding like the kookiest college Marxist." He never struck me as one who hid his desire to enshackle the economy. Money quote from the IBD op-ed: "One is Princeton professor Cornel West, a militant black and self-described socialist. Reportedly, West was reluctant to join the refined Obama's presidential campaign until Obama took him aside and explained to him that he had to walk a rhetorical tightrope to reassure whites. West is now solidly on board his campaign as an adviser." That is at best uncorroborated hearsay but it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

"McCain Stakes His Turf" and "Obama's 'Distractions'?": with the cult of personality built up around him, it's unsurprising that he should consider himself above criticism and views with disdain a serious examination of his beliefs.

"Bad day for John McCain, Part II: anger management": reading Obama's original statement, I can't believe how baldly dishonest it is. McCain had sponsored an alternate bill that phased in benefit increases based on years of service and didn't vote on the Webb bill that occasioned Obama's remarks. Obama said, "But I can't understand why he would line up behind the president in opposition to this GI Bill. I can't believe why he believes it is too generous to our veterans. I could not disagree with him and the president more on this issue." McCain wasn't present for the vote: characterizing his absence as 'opposi[ng] this GI Bill" is absurd and suggesting that McCain "opposes" the bill because it is too generous is patently false. The "partisan posturing" he lambastes is clearly a projection. McCain's reply to Obama's statement compares the two bills as working towards the same end but taking different routes. Obama then attacked McCain's reply as "a lengthy personal, political attack" and an "endless diatribe and schoolyard taunt." Anyone uncertain of Obama's disdain for criticism need only read McCain's statement and Obama's reply.

[UPDATE (5/30/2008): "The Obama Gaffe Machine": my aim in pointing out Obama's missteps is that people who do not skewer Obama for them are hypocrites if they routinely pillory Bush for his gaffes.]