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Boy, do I really want to love this technique. I mean, who wouldn't prefer this:

[PersistField(Location = PersistLocation.Session)]
public bool IsLoggedIn;

Over this:

public bool IsLoggedIn
return Convert.ToBoolean(Session["IsLoggedIn"]);
Session["IsLoggedIn"] = value;

It's so elegant and so concise. But it operates through reflection and reflection has a bad rap for being hoggy. Can you imagine checking every property for the attribute on load and then checking to see if they've changed at on unload? Talk about a tax on resources.

This beautiful snippet trades readability for performance and I think the bargain isn't worth it. The time it takes to write out the getters and setters of a property is a one-time deal. The decoration method outlined above makes the code easier to read and easier to describe, but at the expense of perennial runtime delays.

It's just not worth it.