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Today, I had some Pepsi Summer Mix. And I really mean some: I couldn't sip more than three distinct sips. I ended up pouring it out it was so awful.

A co-worker had bought a 12 pack on a lark (never having tasted it and displaying questionable judgement) and he suggested that we all have as much of it as we wanted. In fact, he encouraged us to drink the rest after managing to get through one can by himself (there were still 7 left when I tried it). Everyone's been raving about how foul it was over the last week.

It's that and so much more. We were speculating as to how this stuff not only made it out of Pepsi's research department but into the market. My guess was that they had inadvertently melded all the taste-bud-less people from wherever the lab's located into a single focus group. My co-worker Chris believes that the massive mixing vats were due for cleaning and in scraping out the residue of the year's production someone had accidentally gotten carbonated water mixed in. Someone was dared to taste it and they realized that they could recover a little bit of money from this otherwise wasted gunk.

I had to concede that that was the most likely explanation. Bottom line: don't drink it. You'll thank me.

[UPDATE: I forgot to include a link to my other co-worker's opinion.]