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And now you can see why I haven't been blogging around here all that much. I've been hard at work (really hard at work) getting a new version of Quick Blog out with my colleagues. Our task was to merge the Quick Blog and Quick Podcast products in as seamless a way as possible and I think we did a good job at it. Some might argue that they never should have been separate products in the first place but it made sense to someone somewhere at some time.

My part of the effort was writing the service that would actually convert our podcasting customers into blogging and podcasting customers. Let's just say that it was a very important piece of this whole release and I really pored my heart into getting it right (and fixing it when I didn't get it right and then fixing it again). I'm happy to say that no customer data was lost and no errors came up! That didn't stop the butterflies, though, when it came time to push the figurative button to start it up. It can look great in test and on particular passes at production data, but that moment of truth is very unsettling.

With the new release, I decided to update my blog template and I must say that I love it! If I could get some yellow in it, it would be reminiscent of my original bblog design. I was never very happy with my previous template, but I didn't want to cheat and make my own design. So I waited patiently until the day when we had a template that I liked.

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