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That iPhone is hot. Buried among the announcements was a name change to Apple, Inc. from Apple Computer, Inc. and the playing of a Beatles song. As this Slashdot commenter noted, the long-standing troubles with Apple Records must finally be over. It's not a press release, but it's awfully close.

Also, I sure hope they have some more special events this month or next detailing the changes to Mac OS X and announcing the new eight-ways. The keynote was long but it focused solely on the AppleTV and the iPhone. It's hard to call this the year of the Mac when the keynote was about anything but.

[UPDATE: One other thing I noticed was the June 2007 availability. A lot of people are puzzled by this because FCC compliance certification wouldn't take five months—most people say it might take two months at the most. Watching the introduction, it dawned on me that this baby's going to run Leopard and it probably won't be available much earlier than that.]