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Last night was the Go Daddy Christmas party at the Desert Ridge Marriott and it was quite a shindig. I was feeling lucky because a) MINI of North Scottsdale replaced my convertible's top when I came in for new brake pads (that didn't need changing), b) I just about wrapped up the new feature I was working on, and c) my wife had bought a new dress for the party and she looked like a million bucks (that's trite, how about I couldn't take my eyes off her).

Sadly, my luck didn't translate to the prize distribution. Sandi thinks that I used up my luck with the new top, but I think I'm just a perennial dinner party raffle loser. That's my lot, I suppose. Speaking of lot, Go Daddy gave away the most prizes ever. 20 people won $10,000 (taxes paid by Go Daddy, no less), 60 won $500, 10 (or more) won $5,000, a bunch won $2,500 and $1,000. With the 42" plasmas, laptops, video iPods, LCDs, and spa weekends, I wouldn't be surpised if Bob and company transferred wealth of $400,000 or so that night. My only winning was a bellyful of filet mignon, which was quite mignon and delicious.

I am committing that I will have a plan of who I'm sitting with prior to the evening for next year's party. I tried to arrange to sit with my team, then with some devs I knew, and I ended up sitting with a bunch of lawyers. Not as bad as in years past, but less than desirable. Next year, I will organize my co-workers so that we meet at a spot and go to an empty table together. (And before some gets all snarky, I checked and no one could find anyone in the crowd. Or at least that's what they told me.)

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