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As I mentioned previously, Bob Parsons gave away a bunch of money at this year's Christmas party. I wasn't really sure how much was distributed because I just wasn't keeping track, assuming (incorrectly) that there'd be a list of winners in email the next day. A press release that was sent out today indicates that the total figure was approximately $300,000 in cash. So I was a little high in my estimation.

The other bombshell in the press release was that they're expecting the annual revenue to increase 80% over 2005's results to a total of $241 million. I don't know what Quick Blog's share of that was (not that I could share it if I did) but I'm sure it was a big chunk.

Incidentally, that revenue figure is phenomenal. When I started, they were quoting $100 million as the annual revenue. We're making money hand over fist!

[UPDATE (1/1/2007): Still no press release on the official site, but here's an article about it.]

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