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My boss's boss issued a call for limericks around the theme of software engineers or engineering. Naturally, I was intrigued. Here are my entries thus far:

There once was a dev named Bud Tharpe
Who could crank out code like a harp
His language of choice was VB
But his friends mocked him you see
Because he just couldn't quite see sharp.
A wizened lead named O'Malley
Was checking the bug count, the tally
Evergrowing, it was
Scratching chin fuzz
He wondered if it was time for a rally.
A developer was hit by a bus
It caused an immediate fuss.
Did he check in?
His release was when?
All his base truly belong to us.

Are they any good? Well, they follow the form of a limerick and a couple of them have punch lines. Hey, it might get me a free lunch so they're good to me.