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I recently got a BlackBerry (7250 if you’re wondering and I’ll gush about it later) and I’ve been trying to find both a good feed aggregator (ReBlog is great for desktop use, but it’s too heavy for mobile usage) and a good blog editor for it. KaBlog seemed to fit the bill for the latter, but it was way too flaky to be useful. On the feed front, I tried out PicoNews, LiteFeeds, and (currently) BlogLines. PicoNews is nice (mostly because it’s free) and I’m still trying to decide about BlogLines, but I can tell you without hesitation that LiteFeeds is the devil. First, the client application never worked. Second, the UI left a lot to be desired. Finally, and this is the big one, its features of integration and blog posting functionality are Trojan horses to gaming Google. You provide the details of this and LiteFeeds helpfully posts a blog entry and a link back to itself. How despicable! And, of course, it was never disclosed. I just was so incensed that I had to let you guys know.