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I have really been remiss in setting goals for myself since my three lovely daughters arrived in my life. My wife just did her 50 goals to accomplish by 50, so I went ahead and figured out my 50. I once had a list a lot longer than this but it got lost in various Palm-related kerfluffles. I also realized through this exercise that I have a lot of goals that I couldn't imagine putting off till 50—they were much more shorter-term. So I'm going to need to write up "in the next year" and "in the next five years" lists and I'll post them here if they're shareable.
  1. Start a software company
  2. Take my family to Disney World
  3. Learn Japanese
  4. Renew my vows
  5. Skydive (apparently with Sandi)
  6. Plant a Japanese garden
  7. Own a house boat on Lake Powell
  8. Try skiing again
  9. Buy a piece (or pieces) of art that I love
  10. Write an encyclopedia of Phoenix history
  11. Start a regular poker night
  12. Write a movie script
  13. Develop a hobby with each of the other four Browns
  14. Backpack with family
  15. Pay for The Girls' college
  16. Host a salon
  17. Restore a classic Mini
  18. Explore Arizona thoroughly
  19. Get a patent
  20. Drive on the Autobahn
  21. Explore and hike the mountains of Phoenix
  22. Have no debt besides small mortgage
  23. Visit Fallingwater and Taliesin
  24. Buy a pink MINI convertible for Sandi
  25. Write a book on Phoenix history
  26. Write a novel
  27. Finish my PhD in history
  28. Stay in Glacier National Park
  29. Ride a train from St. Paul to Seattle
  30. Learn to SCUBA dive
  31. Write Whole Ass It
  32. Teach my girls to drive
  33. Learn to cook
  34. Own a jet ski or boat
  35. Write a Mac OS X application
  36. Help The Girls start a business
  37. Further capitalism somehow
  38. Hike the Grand Canyon and stay at Phantom Ranch
  39. Volunteer at the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum
  40. Visit Ouray, Colorado
  41. See Granite Reef Dam
  42. Visit Europe
  43. Vacation at a tropical paradise
  44. Start a non-profit relating to history
  45. Learn to play the piano and/or guitar
  46. Write a song
  47. Try out for an acting role
  48. Watch a favorite play
  49. Learn to appreciate classical music and jazz
  50. Write an article and have it published
Some of them are lofty and ambitious, but why set goals if they're easily attainable. Some of them also rely on a my children's desire to do those things and I will only work on those goals if they are willing and interested in them as well—I'm not in the practice of forcing anything on anyone.