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Before I do the S-1 analysis, let me just tell a funny story about the announcement Bob made the other day. We had a quarterly meeting in our parking lot with a nice tent, air conditioners that were doing their damnedest, and soft pretzels that weren't.

After Bob made the announcement, he asked if there were any questions. One guy asked for an explanation that Bob had alluded to but had forgotten to deliver about how GAAP failed to explain Go Daddy's success. After that one, it was dead silence. I had been toying with asking a question that's been killing me for six months and that dead air practically compelled me to do so then.

I asked, "When are you moving to Quick Blog?"

Apparently, everyone but me knew what sort of thing Bob was going to say in response. We had been working to get Bob moved over almost since we deployed the 1.0 version. We were very jazzed about doing so at the time because it meant some nice exposure, it would test out the system, and it would be a challenge.

He said that he would move over within a month and that my team was going to kill me. Kill me, they did not. Marvel at my inability to foresee that outcome? Probably. So today we had our first "what-hath-Bill-wrought" meeting.

It looks like it's going to be a lot of work. I spoke to Bob as I was leaving after work and he's quite set that it should mimic his current setup closely. That means even more rework because Quick Blog, as it stands today, isn't very much like Serendipity at all and even less like Bob's customized version.

With the quiet period over, I can finally talk about such things. Of course, I still have to respect confidentiality and basic propriety but that leaves a lot for me to say. And say it, I shall.

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