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Ahh, the 1.2 is out there. This is definitely the biggest release since 1.0 and I am very proud of both how much is packed in there and how cleanly the release went.

View of the current Manage Sidebar screen for Quick BlogThe new drag and drop is done using—just like WordPress's implementation of drag and drop—and makes use of some additional features to change the image as the sidebar components are dragged from one list to the other as well as the ability to move from one list to the other by double-clicking or clicking on that little icon. This is the onDrop functionality that is really lacking that I mentioned in that previous entry. I had to use an onmouseup event handler to know which item was dropped. I'll still probably implement onDrag at some point because the workaround isn't particularly elegant.

I also implemented some much needed list page improvements, revamped the blacklist completely, and added a blogroll feature that people have really been clamoring for. I've got big plans for each of these things in subsequent releases, so keep your eyes peeled.

Dave, he who is heading north, finally got his mobile blogging stuff in for paying customers, an autocomplete feature using Ajax, and comment paging. I know he got a ton more stuff in there as well, but I can't remember them offhand. Greg got some additional statistics and feed size limitations into this release in the relatively short time he's been on the team.

In blog-about-the-blog, as we like to call it, news, we got briefed by our marketing director about some guidelines that we need to adhere to when writing on the company blog. I'll see if I can post them here (with appropriate disclaimers etc.) so you can see how restrictive they aren't. If I can't, which is understandable, then you'll have to take my word for it and see how we present ourselves. I think we're going to be able to talk in our own voices and say what we want without fear of reprisal as long as it's accurate and positive. That seems quite reasonable to me since we'll probably get enough negativity in the comments as it is if Bob's blog is any indication.

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