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This web application called Spark is awfully close to a cool brainstorming application I developed at my last job. It was one of those flash in the pan ideas that occurred to me while I was sitting there deploying a new version of the online banking system. It was about 2 in the morning while I was waiting on our slow-as-molasses Data Processing team to bring the mainframe back up when inspiration hit.

It was a Jerry Maguire moment. I spent the next three hours developing the entire application in rough form just so I could get all my ideas out. I got them all in there and I loved the idea. Naturally, management was perfunctorily interested and I never got the resources to clean it up. I think it was an amazing tool and I will definitely develop a version of it one of these days, maybe make it open source.

As for Spark, close but no cigar. They missed a lot of opportunities there.