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I've been glancing through some of the blogs that we host at Quick Blog. Most of the time I am filled with warm feelings at families planning reunions, students travelling the world, and the inevitable baby blog. Other times I've seen some pretty sick stuff. It was truly one of the things I was most looking forward to while I was developing during pre-release.

Today I found one run anonymously by someone in the New Orleans Police Department. I'll confess that I don't understand half of it, but what I do strikes me as reminiscient of Mini-Microsoft. This guy or woman is trying to bring the police's voice to the public or give a voice to the police men who might otherwise suffer reprisals. I totally dig that!

I feel enormous pride that I've helped someone there find a forum. Okay, not me personally, but my and my co-worker's work. It puts a different spin on things that you might not get when you're focused on slinging code.

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