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Today the Quick Blog team moved into our own office. With a door. And one wall that's a window! Yeah, it kind of stunk having to move all my crap again but come on—it's my own (plus two co-workers) office. I seriously can't complain.

Here's what this means for Bill:

  • No more waiting until 9:30 am to get access to the communal stock of Mountain Dew.
  • No more having to listen to people run their hands down the length of my cubicle as they walk down the hall.
  • No more of nose-blowing guy—well, no more of me hearing nose-blowing guy.
  • No more people stopping next to my cube for impromptu meetings.
  • No more loud phone conversations piped directly into my brain because of direction and wave travel.
  • No more being at the mercy of whatever thermostat might be controlling my small little section of the climate.
  • No more teacher's dirty looks.

I'm hoping that having the entire team in one room will foster some excellent communication and knowledge transfer. I'm also hoping that our personal phone conversations don't drive us to loathing each other. But mostly I'm just ecstatic at getting a luxury that most of the Go Daddy developers don't get. Err, another one.

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