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In other news, I received my brand new digital camera, the Casio Exilim EX-Z750, and I couldn't be more excited. (Side note: what the hell is with that name? I am going to have to Google it whenever I need to refer to it. Geesh.) I ordered it based solely on this exhaustive review; I actually hadn't even seen one until it was already shipping. I love taking pictures and, to me, the most important thing about taking good pictures is having a camera handy. In that vein, the smaller the better.

Previously, I had the Canon PowerShot S200 and I loved it. It was the smallest thing going at the time, but it's really aged since I bought it. The two batteries I had stopped holding a charge; it was far larger than my cell phone and thus cramped in my pockets; it lacked the sophistication of newer models; and the shutter speed was lethargic. I could start to take a picture of my daughters doing something and completely miss the action once the picture was actually taken. We bought the Fuji FinePix S-5000 for precisely this reason: it has a fast release and it feels solid. But it clearly isn't pocketable and so we often don't have a camera handy for life's special moments.

I'll give a better report after I've used it awhile, but I've already noticed some serious pluses. (I also ordered this super fast 1 GB SD card for only $58.99, which seems like a great deal. Would have been better had I ordered before 1/30/2006 and gotten the $20 mail-in rebate. Darn.)

[UPDATE (2/16/2006): Oh yeah, I also found this review helpful.]

[UPDATE (2/26/2006): Darn. Amazon's got it on sale for $298.99, a full $20 off what I paid. At the time, Amazon had a price of $349 so's $319 was a steal. Darn.]