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So Wordpress now has Widgets and a sidebar editor, available depending on the theme. I tried to drag and drop like they said but I couldn't get it to work on Firefox 1.5 or IE6 on a stock Windows XP installation. Crazy!

View of the current Manage Sidebar screen for Quick BlogThis is especially timely for me since I've been working on a revision to Quick Blog's Manage Sidebar functionality for our next release. I've always liked the current clickfest version pictured to the right. I spent a lot of time getting its Javascript just right. It's not easy to keep those little arrows looking just so as the components are moved through the list. In fact, there's some pretty sophisticated DOM scripting there because you're actually moving table rows within a table and between two separate tables.

The new version, frankly, rocks the Casbah.

This 1.2 release—due soon—is cram packed full of features. I seriously think that it is our biggest release ever (well, except for 1.0 because that let the cat out of the bag). We'll also soon have a public blog where we can really discuss things and give the releases their due. I came up with the name that we're going to use for it, but it's provisional until we can come up with something better. Of course, I'll link to it here when it happens.

[UPDATE (2/26/2006): One of the commenters on that entry said, "This is why Wordpress is lightyears ahead of the 'other guys'!" I have to suppose that that comment was out of ignorance.]

[UPDATE 2 (2/26/2006): Looks like the drag and drop is done using It really is a lovely library, but there are some quirks using it. My pet peeve is that there's no onDrop callback for the Sortable, even though there is one on the Droppable. I found an awesome suggestion to use the onMouseUp event.]

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