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The newest version of Quick Blog is out. We deployed it yesterday afternoon and it's got loads of new features including unlimited blogs and multiple authors. It's version 1.1 (though we forgot to increment the version within the app itself, d'oh!) and I couldn't be prouder of it.

You may have noticed a particularly ugly exception message on my blog yesterday. Unfortunately, something went wrong in deployment and so everyone's blog was displaying that lovely message. Even more unfortunately, that "something" that went wrong was my fault. I thought I would have more time to fix some bad data that had gotten into the statistics, but I didn't. And so I worked furiously for two hours to make it right.

If you were affected by it, I sincerely apologize. It won't happen again because I'm going to make an extra effort to think through the possibilities in the future. I wasn't careless; I just didn't see something that was foreseeable. I'm told that I will be lashed at the next company picnic along with any other Go Daddy-o's that caused outages. I'm pretty sure my boss was kidding.

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