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I love Dilbert and I always have. I am continually amazed at how well Scott Adams depicts office culture despite being so long removed from it. Perhaps his experiences at Pacific Bell were timeless or jam-packed, but it seems like he would start missing marks after 16 years of doing the strip.

I discovered his personal blog, Dilbert Blog, soon after he started writing it and I regard it as the funniest reading available on the Web. His observations are astute and astounding. Just today, for example, I read his entry on "The Future of Shirts" and came across this thought:

I can no longer count on other people to alert me to the fact I’m wearing a backward shirt. Not since I became invisible. And by invisible, I mean I’m an adult male over the age of 35. Beyond that age, no one has any reason to look at you. People are neither aroused nor curious about my existence. I’m pretty much just taking up space.

When you think about it, it’s true—though certainly cynical—and hints at a larger point about the self-centeredness of youth.<p></p><p>These are a few of my favorite entries:</p><ul><li>Mysteries of the Universe: wherein he ponders why female real estate agents have such big hair</li><li>Adopting: wherein he considers adopting an embryo and naming it Amy</li><li>You Look Fabulous: wherein he relates the secret of fashion</li><li>Intelligence is Overrated: wherein he offers an alternate view of God</li><li>It’s the Thought That Counts: wherein he analyzes gift giving</li><li>How to Dance: wherein he relates the secret of dancing</li><li>Humor Formula: wherein he divulges the secret to his success</li><li>Best and Worst Jobs: wherein he waxes eloquently about being the third-highest ranking member in Al Qaeda</li><li>Thieves Everywhere: wherein he just cracks wise</li><li>Bluffing Literacy: wherein he devises strategies for staying illiterate</li><li>Peeping in My Window: wherein he reveals the degradation of his modesty</li><li>Mongolia: wherein he ruminates on a presidential visit to Mongolia</li><li>Getting Away with Murder: wherein he opines on an escaped murderer</li><li>I Love Technology: wherein he complains about travelling</li><li>Bad Thoughts: wherein he concocts the perfect crime</li></ul>