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Bo Thompson, Dave Levitt, John Paxton and I are proud to announce the birth of a new blogging service: Quick Blog! There were so many people involved over the last six months that made the tool better and better.

The Creative team took my rough contours of an interface and turned them into something that looks mighty professional. The QA team put in lots of time testing and retesting the app and I think the app is far better for it. There were times, I'll admit, that I felt like if I read another bug report I was going to lose it but I was consoled by the fact that they're not a malicious bunch. The management at Go Daddy was always good about making suggestions and keeping us on our toes.

When I sometimes get despondent about how far we have to go to fulfill my goal of being the best blogging tool out there, I am reminded that we have come far in a very short while and that I just need to have patience.

The blog is currently available free with new domain purchases and renewals and only with the ad you see up top. I can assure you, gentle reader, that we've got a paid version in the works that is going to rock and roll.

Hopefully this weekend is uneventful because I'm the one on call.

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