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As regular readers may know, nearly all my sites are hosted with Dreamhost—this one’s hosted at Uplink Earth but that’s only until the blog software is released. Dreamhost is great because they’ve got an excellent control panel, ever-increasing quotas on bandwidth and storage, and excellent support. I’ve prepaid with them for two years and I’ve got another two years paid for after that because of referrals.

I catch a lot of flack at work about that. “Why don’t you host with Go Daddy? Do you not like Go Daddy?” The price is right—free for employees—but I’m incredibly lazy. Hell, I’ve been with Uplink Earth for well over a year even though I’m paying $29.90 per month and should have migrated it to Dreamhost a long time ago. Changing hosts is hard! (Okay, it’s not hard but it’s not easy enough for me.)

I used to recommend Dreamhost to everyone I knew because its value was unbeaten by Go Daddy. That was very hard to do for me because I really wanted to recommend Go Daddy’s hosting. It was still a great deal, but I couldn’t suggest it knowing that something better was out there. These were my friends and people trusting me for a recommendation and I’m not about to shill for my employer. My last employer begged its employees to do that and I hated them for it.

Thankfully, Go Daddy today sent Dreamhost a packin’. Our new hosting plans are fricking unbelievable. That kind of bandwidth, storage, and database offering is unprecedented in my experience. If you’ve got a domain to host, Go Daddy is the place for you. Seriously.

[NOTE: The views expressed on this website/weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Go Daddy Software, Inc.]