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Chris Pederick, he of incredible Firefox extensions, has released a beta of the next release of his stunning Web Developer extension.

This isn’t some piddly little update: it’s a frigging colossal jamboree of new stuff. I suggested the ability to disable the XmlHttpRequest object and it looks like it’s going to make the final version. He’s done one better and he’s going to add a feature that lets you watch the requests and responses! Holy crap! Venkman going to see a lot less action from this hombre.

The biggest feature I can see is the “Edit HTML” function. It will allow you to edit the HTML of a rendered page in real-time and see the effects of your actions. It was huge for CSS and I think it’s going to be incredible for HTML. Real-time editing of Javascript anyone?

Worst case, you’ll have to re-install the release version. Best case, you’re rocking the free world!