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Apparently, Dreamhost’s free web registration is only for one year as opposed to the life of the hosting account. I’m pretty sure I remember reading that they would auto-renew as long as you kept hosting with them, but, of course, I can’t find support for that claim anywhere on their site. So, has expired and won’t be available until the domain transfer to Go Daddy is final.

I’ll say that I’m a little disappointed with Dreamhost in that regard because that little perk was one thing that made me not want to leave. It’s $6.00 per year for them and it’s enough of a hassle that I wouldn’t want to mess with it. I’m pretty sure that it was once auto-renewing because I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t read it. Oh well.

[UPDATE: Okay, well, the above represents what the support person told me. When I went into the domain registration system, I saw that a one-year renewal was $0.00 and a two-year one was $9.95. That tells me that my earlier supposition was correct and that the support guy was totally wrong.]