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So I’ve long said that I’m not going to buy another Macintosh until they went quad processor. It seemed to me that if they could have two CPUs they have could have four. Why wouldn’t I wait for some monster of a machine before plunking down the Mac premium?

They finally make one, but it’s on a CPU that they’ve publicly deprecated. Oh sure, it’ll be around forever and blah, blah, blah. As someone who bought a 68040-based Mac a month before Apple unveiled the PowerPC chip, I’m not going to be relegated to the Mac ghetto again. Once the Intel-based CPUs exist across the line, the formerly slavered-over G5s will be like the G4s were when the G5 was announced.

The other major objection, that four cores is four cores, forgets that Apple can’t take a step back performance-wise when they move the platform. The bar has been set and anything in the future will have to be a step up. Since I am not currently hurting for a new computer, I can wait. Nay, I must wait.