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I don’t normally do those inane profile-type quizzes, but the regional differences in American English has always been an interest of mine. So I took it and discovered that I am “80% General American English, 10% Upper Midwestern, and 10% Yankee.” This is definitely not accurate because there were a couple of questions where I used two of the options though there wasn’t an option for that. For example, I grew up saying “carmel” but I’ve since taken to calling it “care-a-mel” because that’s how the word is spelled for crying out loud. Also, I use “pop” and “soda” pretty interchangeably as I do “puh-jawm-uhs” and “puh-jam-uhs.” I picked the one that sprang to mind quickest since that’s probably what I’d call it in a pinch, but it left me a little unsatisfied. {via}