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One last burst of crunch time. We’re due to have the new application complete by Monday. That’s aggressive, but feasible if we all pull together and do the work. Regrettably, the app is currently wending its way through QA and that makes things a bit more complicated. The hours I’m working are quite a bit more reasonable and I’m doing most of the overtime from home, so my family hasn’t been as affected as they were last time.

I was recently reflecting on how far we’ve come since I finished the specification on June 9th and started active development on June 15th. We’ve tripled the team’s size (heh) and written an app that spans 14 projects in the VisualStudio solution consisting of way over 50K LOC. There’s three Windows services (four if you count that other one), 47 tables, and 190 stored procedures. That’s about as specific as I can get at this point. It’s easily the proudest I’ve ever been of my development chops and the overall product created.

Better still, we had a company-wide webcast on Monday where Bob increased vacation time for newbies like me from 2 weeks to 3 and decreased the tenure required to use it from 6 months to 1! All the other levels of seniority also saw their weekly totals jump one or two weeks per year, effective immediately. I remember watching it and thinking, “What other company bumps up vacation time like that?!” He also finally added developers to the quarterly prize giveaways, a nice nod even though I didn’t get any dough. Two people on my cube aisle did, though, and a guy in dedicated hosting that I know also won so at least I could feel good for my colleagues.

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