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Today was a red-letter day for me. This morning, I saw a referrer on my link blog, Found on the Web, to a Kinja account. Naturally, I followed the link back to its source and discovered that I was included in the feeds that Joshua Schachter follows. If you don’t know Joshua Schachter, he’s the guy that created, GeoURL, and Memepool. As I’ve mentioned previously, I love and Memepool was my inspiration for Found on the Web. I’m not the only one in his feeds, but the fact that I merited an inclusion at all is a tremendous honor to me.

As if that wasn’t enough, I met Bob Parsons in the break room at work. He said that he’s been meaning to introduce himself—something that I’ve heard he tries to do to new employees—and inquired as to what sort of work I did for him. I explained my role to him in increasingly effusive excitement. Towards the end, I was positively bubbly. It wasn’t fake, either: I am really, really jazzed about this product I’m working on. He paid me a great compliment by saying that he was glad that I was so excited about it and that it was nice to hear. I am certainly glad that his first impression of me wasn’t almost knocking him down.