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This entry is the 1,000th one I’ve written. There’s actually only 997 available on the Web: I’ve got three draft entries waiting to be finished. There’s a review of Nevil Shute’s Pied Piper, an analysis of QuikTrip’s severely broken queueing system, and an essay on public history in the Internet age. The latter is completely done, but its tone is a little more strident than I’d like. Each will appear here eventually, so I’m counting them in my total.

This is a very important milestone to me—perhaps even more important than the Found on the Web one—because these entries are typically longer, more thoughtful, and represent more of my personality than those over there. Here, you get to know the real me: my thoughts, my desires, my being. There you might get to see what makes me laugh, makes me exclaim, makes me shake my head.

I’m also happy to report that I have not wavered from my stated policies except for the fact that Go Daddy allows for blogging about work.

Here’s to the next thousand entries! May I somewhere in there finally get around to moving my entire site over to Dreamhost and Textpattern.