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I just hit a blogging milestone this morning over at my other blog: I posted my 2,000 entry!

It’s been a very busy year: I left Blogger as my host on May 9, 2004 and exported 698 entries; when I moved from MovableType to WordPress on January 7, 2005, I exported 1,061 entries. That means that in the 1,385 days I’ve been publishing Found on the Web, I’ve averaged 1.45 posts per day. In the Blogger era, I was doing 0.76 posts per day. In the MovableType, that shot up to 1.49 posts per day. In the current era, I’ve been averaging 4.15 per day.

I don’t know if that means WordPress is more productive, I’m less busy, I’ve become more efficient, or I’m more dedicated. At present trends, I will hit the 3,000 entry mark 239 days from now—April 18, 2006. We’ll see how that goes.