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Last week, I mentioned that we were going to be getting Subway subs for $1 thanks to Go Daddy’s treat.

Today was the first day that they offered it. Unfortunately, they didn’t plan adequately for the popularity of cheap eats so I missed out. I went over there three times only to find out that they had sold out each time.

Perhaps the Go Daddy tradition of rolling our own will be extended to this new program as well. Naturally, I’d prefer free food but I’d gladly pay a nominal fee for a good lunch.

[UPDATE: Oh and I heard from the lady running this that the next order will be enough to feed fully a third of the staff. Here’s hoping that I can start enjoying some cheap food.]

[UPDATE (8/27/2005): They were definitely prepared this next time. The Subway franchisee gave his mea culpa and brought more than enough. I had the 6” turkey and it was delicious.]

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