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Today is a bowling trip at work for the development staff. I have been excited about this for weeks. There’s even a graphic: how cool is that!

“Go Daddy Engineers” is cool, but I wish we had a cooler descriptive term than that. If Google employees are Googlers and Wikipedia contributors are Wikipedians, then I think Go Daddy employees should be called “Go Daddy-o’s.” At first, it sounds kind of corny and doesn’t flow well but it really grows on you:

“How many Go Daddy-o’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

“Look what this Go Daddy-o made!”

“With out secret Go Daddy-o powers, we will rule the universe.”

My last company did not lend itself well to anything like this: DSFCUers sounds vulgar. Go Daddy-o at least sounds right.

[UPDATE: Man, it was so much fun! We got t-shirts to commemorate the occasion, pizza, drinks, and tons of raffle prizes. I didn’t win any of the latter, unfortunately, but my boss won $25 in In ‘N’ Out gift certificates. The first game I bowled a 155, which is very good considering I’m very rusty. The second game I took as an opportunity to experiment and just be silly, which I did to good effect. The best part was the number of people that showed up. We occupied 24 bowling lanes with four or five people in each lane. Go Daddy’s in the house!]

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