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Oh yeah, ReSharper just hit beta for version 2.0.

This feature—“Support of ASP.NET (almost all features implemented for C# and VB.NET for code inside ASP pages)”—will make this an automatic upgrade. They rejected my suggestion for a code style rule, but I’m not bitter. ReSharper is easily the best reason to use VisualStudio.NET—besides the fact that doing ASP.NET without it is a mind-numbing chore.

Other awesome features listed are background loading (waiting for a huge solution to load can take awhile), on-the-fly naming convention violations (no more post-compilation FxCop execution, at least for naming), Live Template sharing (you currently have to provide step-by-step instructions for each template if someone else wants it), Code Style sharing (ooo, enforce formatting standards across the project), Implement Members (no more going back to create the private fields for all your properties), and customizable method stubs (awesome, I’m sick of having it default to throwing unimplemented exceptions).

I couldn’t find any information about upgrade pricing, but it’s worth it no matter what.

[UPDATE (12/2/2005): Looks like they’re almost done. And word on the blog street is that the upgrade will be free for 1.x users. Rock on!]