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Wow, I got this month’s Dreamhost newsletter today and I excitedly opened it. The newsletter isn’t your standard fare: it’s chock full of cool new features and promotions in a tone that’s often witty and always delightful (it runs a close second to the utterly hilarious OmniNews in the excellence in corporate communications awards).

This month was no exception. Not only did I find out that they’ve now got Ruby on Rails and Zend Optimizer installed, they also took a cue from Gmail’s ever-increasing storage limit. Every week, my bandwidth goes up by 2 GB (starting from an already-generous 192 GB per month) and my storage increases by 60 MB (again from a generous 7.6 GB). And they made it retroactive to when I first signed up back in November 2004.

This is on top of a huge number of excellent features, great support, and excellent uptime. I’m slowly moving everything over to Dreamhost from UplinkEarth. It’s that good. If you sign up, please tell them I referred you by clicking on this link or using “wcbrown” as your referral code. I’ll get $97 towards my hosting and it’ll cost you nothing extra. I’ve already referred several hundred dollars worth since I started and I haven’t heard any major complaints.