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No more Longhorn. The new release of Windows, due in third quarter 2015, will be called Windows Vista. So the product name will be Microsoft Windows Vista. Hate it.

[UPDATE (7/25/2005): Uh oh, looks like someone didn’t do their homework. I don’t know how such a glaring oversight could occur. You’d only have to look at PhoenixFirebirdFirefox’s cautionary tale. I mean, we’re talking about for crying out loud and they’re based in Redmond, Washington.]

[UPDATE (7/28/2005): Paul Thurrott reviews the Vista Beta 1. Looking at the screenshots he provides, I’m surprised at how different Vista looks from XP. He points out its flaws and does a very thorough job of examining it. Luckily, it seems as boneheaded as XP so 10.5 should blow it out of the water in the months prior to Vista’s release.]