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Just upgraded MovableType from 2.661 to 3.17. It looks like ass. Luckily, there’s finally some useful features in there like checkboxes for batch actions.

In related news, Textpattern just keeps getting better and better. I’m still moving old files over from the old ColdFusion-based system to the new TXP-based one. Once I’ve got all of those transferred (blog goes last since it’s the most-frequently updated part of my site), then I’m going to use MovableType to generate PHP-based redirects for all past blog entries.

Once all that happens, I can finally drop the $30/month hosting for and move it over to the host for Found on the Web and Five Browns, among others. And my hosting bill per month will effectively drop from $49.85 per month to just $19.95 (and actually I think I prepaid for two years, so it’s only $15.95 per month).

And that’ll be sweet.