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I’ve spent a lot of time in the last month wandering around the “park” aspects of the Scottsdale Airpark but I hadn’t at all checked out the “air” parts.

So today I crossed Hayden and wandered down Acoma knowing that I’d eventually hit runway. I found a shady spot with some very lush grass and parked my hiney down to read and take in airplanes. (The airport near my home, Deer Valley Airport, has a better selection of flights but absolutely no comparable roadside viewing areas.) It was next to (and probably part of) a closed-down Corvette showroom that had an interesting parking lot with arbors for covered parking and a recessed landscaping feature that looked a little like a Zen garden. (Perhaps they spent all their money on the site and not enough on the business.)

Nothing particularly interesting to report: saw a jet take off and another land; saw tons of what I presume to be training planes; realized that my vantage point was largely obscured by a chain-link fence and was too far down the runway for watching takeoffs and landings up close.